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Bringing Light to the Darkness with Soy scented candles

All Natural Oil Fragrance

The Candle Shack Scent Collection for our scented candles

All Natural Oil Fragrance


The Candle Shack Scents


•Bora Bora 

•Fresh Peach 

•Apricot + Honey 

•Hawaiian Pineapple 

•Three Wishes Tea 

•Southern Iced Tea 




•Peach & mAngo

•Peach Nectar

•Mango Mojito

•Southern Plantation

•Coconut Lime 


•Duck Farts 


•Peaches & Cream

•Cucumber Melon


•Lemon Grass



•Sea Salt & Rice Flower 

•Patchouli Rain 



•White Sage 

•Juniper Berry +Cedar

•Juniper Breeze


•Lavender & Chamomile 


•Rosemary Mint

•Jasmine Vanilla


•Asain Sandalwood



•Pink Hibiscus 

•Fresh Cut Tulips

•White Woods 

•It’s A Beautiful Morning


•Fresh Cut Grass

•Ylang Ylang 

•Awapuhi Seaberry

• Gardenia

•Beachwood Vetirer

•Green Tea + Willow

•Rose Petals

•Fresh Cut Wood

•Forest Pine



•Flower Cannabis 

•Cannabis & Exotic Hemp


•Mahogany Teakwood


•Pure Paradise

•Winterberry Wonder

•Magic InThe Air

•Salted Caramel Popcorn


•Candy Cane 

•Country Christmas 

•Bay Rum

•Nutmeg & Spice

•Tinsel Tree

•Chocolate Mint

•Winter Mint


•Gingerbread Pumpkin 


•Apple Harvest Festival 

•Hot Apple Pie

•Pumpkin Créme Brûlée 


•Pumpkin Ginger & Apple Slices 

•Saffron Spice


•Coffee Cake


•Ezra Fitch Type

•Very Sexy For Him


•Blue Sugar Type


•Wine By Candlelight 

•Little Black Dress

•Sweet Pea


•Hippie Chick

•Birch & Black Pepper

•Clean & Fresh


•Bubble Gum


•Cotton Candy

•Birthday Cake


•French Vanilla 

•Vanilla Bean 

  • •Roasted Coffee

Mix & Match

You can pick one scent or add two together, your choice! Make the candle or wax melt that you want!

New Scents & Arrivals


Southern Plantation

 The south is filled with beautiful, sprawling plantations like those seen in Gone With the Wind. Lining the long drive are majestic magnolia trees and patches of delicate chamomile flowers. Next to the house sits the massive apple orchard with juicy, ripe apples just begging to be picked. The southern ladies sit on the porch sipping green tea laced with lemon rind, mint leaves, a sliver of honeydew melon...and a nice splash of rum. If the south could be bottled into a fragrance oil - this would be it. 

Three Wishes Tea

 The orient inspires this fragrant rooibos blend, conjuring up a paradise of peach pieces and bits of rhubarb. The smooth finish of silky rosebuds, tea leaves, and marigold create a scent that is intensely unique. This would make a fantastic candle or melt but would also appeal in a bath and body lineup to tea lovers everywhere. Let the gentle trade wind breezes of the orient inspire you! 

Wine by Candlelight

 The most realistic, sensuous wine scent you'll ever use! A bountiful, heady merlot with notes of red berries and a hint of sweetness with amber. Strong seductive...a definite winner. 



Georgia State Pillow, Keychains, Coozies, Tote Bags

New Scents

Peach Nectar

Peppermint Scent

Basil, Sage, Mint Scent


Sweet Tea