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Boardwalk Limited Ribbon Cutting September 21,2018. Surrounded by My family and friends .

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Hi , My name is Gloria I am the Owner and founder of Boardwalk Limited and  *FAVORITE RETAIL OF LA Grange 2018*  I am a Mother of four Beautiful Girls and I wanted to share with all of you My great Candles that are Great for the enviroment and you,they burn evenly and longer and don’t have all the chemicals in it then in other candles. and my homemade soaps with a lot of benifits for you and your skin! When I had my Last Child Jenna in 2015, I had the option to stay at home and care for her 100%, I gave up my Job of many years so that I can enjoy Jenna as she grew up. I was only to be home for two years, but I knew that I could never go back to work because I still would miss out. I Thought that maybe I could find something I was good at and make some money to contribute. I went to the store and got me some supplies so that I can try to make a candle. Why Candles you ask? Because I Love candles, who don;t love candles right??!! Lol  I’d go into the store and smell all of them. I did some research and kept at it. And started to sell them on my website. I would get drop ship items also to add on to the site from other suppliers , and overall I was losing money.  So I went to learn how to make soaps and wax melts, learned what was the best wax, and the do’s and don;t, inside and out. I have been making candles since 2016 and I knew that my goals were to have my own store someday. It’s a lot of work especially with a now 3 year old, but I was focused, and when we moved here to lagrange I entered my business in the Favorite Retail here in lagrange and won! I was so surprised , because no one knew who I was, just those online who did and the people coming to my Table grabbing my samples, made the votes count and Boardwalk Limited won Favorite Retail of Lagrange 2018!! So my time was ticking for me to go back to work, so I took my savings I had and ventured into the world on my own and open my store in Downtown lagrange in September 2018. I have not only my Soaps, Candles, I also added on a few more homemade items as well. Body Lotion, Shower Gels, Room Sprays, Liquid hand soap, Body Scrubs. I worked very hard to test and make each item with my potential customers in mind. I use Pure Golden 464 Soy wax for my Candles and My Wax Melts. All Natural Oil Fragrance that are all safe for each product I make! I carry over 60 Scents to make each item come alive! I have different shapes of Molds to make  it more fun for everyone! 

I love what I do and this is why I do it and it is fun & Relaxing.

I stand by my product, and I have had Great Reviews and feedback from my customers. 

When I opened the store , I decided to have my brand and then surround it with other nice unique gifts. I also make Gift Baskets and Gift Boxes, and most of my orders are Custom orders. I could not even dare to make a few of each item with all the scents I have, lol so I always encourage my customers that if I don't have a scent made, I can make it.  If I don’t have a scent, I can always try to get it too!

So I hope you can browse around, and please ask any questions you may have about anything, and I hope that you enjoy your products from Boardwalk Limited and hope you will for a long time coming.

Alot of people ask where the name came from, cause it tell them nothing about what I do, and very easy answer.. I love the name Boardwalk, reminded me of the song, under the boardwalk.. :-)

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All Natural Soy Candles

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 Boardwalk Limited's Handcrafted Premium soy candles and Wax Melts are made with 100% all natural Soy Wax and the fabulous natural oils to make that perfect aroma. Boardwalk Limited is dedicated to making the best product and give top of the line customer service. Boardwalk Limited has fast shipping and always great prices!
Our Homemade Soaps are Made with Goat Milk or Shea Butter and will make your skin feel soft and refreshed!
We hope that you enjoy Our Products and we are excited for you to join our candle and Soap family! 

Scented Soy Candles

Soothing Scents

Lavender, Sea Salt & Rice Flower,Apricot & Honey, 

Our Oils are All Natural Oil Fragrance 

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Giveaway Time

  • Come join us on my Facebook page and Like our page and follow us, we will Free giveaways and live online shopping coming soon. why not shop from the comfort of your house. Tell your friends to come follow us as well. should be fun! facebook.com/boardwalklimited
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CS Stone Brands Olive Oil Tasting

3PM - 5 PM

Boardwalk Limited 108 Main Street Lagrange Ga

+ Event Details


CS Stone Brands Olive Oil Tasting

We Invite you to the Olive oil Tasting of CS Stone Brands at our store. We carry their line of Olive oils at our store and wanted you to learn more about this fantastic brand.


Tasting Sample event of CS Stone Brands Premium Olive oil.

CS STONE BRANDS® is a privately held North Carolina company. The company began to form January 2017. Our mission with many customer's, small to large businesses is the sense of connection to provide premium quality products and service.

Boardwalk Limited LLC started selling their olive oils when we first open in 2018 and invite you to come to our event and sample CS Stone Brands product and see why I love her oil and I personally use it in my house and why I have it available in my store .. come join us for this event in our Downtown Lagrange Store at 108 Main Street.
We are honored that the founder and CEO of this fantastic Brand is coming to Lagrange Ga for this event ! 


3PM - 5 PM

Boardwalk Limited 108 Main Street Lagrange Ga

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